How To Get White Teeth Fast At Home

Have you ever thought twice about smiling at someone, for fear that your teeth look yellow or stained? Then you’ve probably wondered how to get white teeth fast at home. First impressions count, and the first thing that other people notice is often our smile.

Professional dental treatments can be expensive, though. Solutions how to quickly whiten your teeth at home can often be more convenient and more economical.

White teeth are regarded as a sign of good dental hygiene. You can have clean and healthy teeth, though, and they can still be discolored. You might take very careful care of your teeth, and still be wondering how to get white teeth fast at home.

How To Get White Teeth Fast

Discolored teeth can be caused by drinking coffee, red wine or other dark-colored drinks, or nicotine. The question of how to get white teeth fast at home is asked by many people who drink coffee or alcohol, or who smoke regularly.

There are a range of ways to whiten teeth at home. Information about the different methods and their advantages is useful when deciding on which method to use.

Whitening pens, or as a few people call it teeth whitening pencil, are a relatively new product on the market. They come in a variety of sizes, and may resemble a lip gloss or a whiteboard marker in shape. When people ask how to get white teeth fast at home, one of the first products to spring to mind is the teeth whitening pen.

Whitening pens are regarded as a quick and easy way how to whiten teeth at home fast and to “erase” stains from your teeth. What actually happens is that the whitening pen contains a hydrogen peroxide formula. This penetrates the teeth, bleaching stains.

The big advantage of whitening pens is that they are small, light, easily transportable and easy to use. They don’t cause a mess like bleaching trays can, and are not as awkward to use as whitening strips.

The biggest disadvantage is that they can lose effectiveness, as the solution can be easily removed with the tongue.

How To Get White Teeth Fast
the way how to get a white teeth fast at home with paint on teeth whitening
Paint on teeth whitening is in many ways similar to a teeth whitening pen. There is no delivery apparatus involved – the whitener is applied directly onto the surface of the teeth. Again, this avoids the need for messy bleaching trays, gel and mouthguard apparatus or plastic strips.

When considering how to get white teeth fast at home, paint on teeth whitener has a slight advantage over whitening pens. After application, with a brush or applicator, the whitener solidifies. This results in an adherent film, which allows the whitener a longer period of contact with tooth enamel.

How To Get White Teeth Fast
at home teeth bleaching kit
At home teeth bleaching kit is another popular method for people asking how to get white teeth fast at home. The most common solution used is hydrogen peroxide. This must be used diluted – used undiluted, it can damage gums and the mucus lining of the mouth. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to find, and economical. You can usually buy a bottle from the supermarket for under a dollar.

An alternative to using hydrogen peroxide on its own is to use a gel formula and mouthguard set, which is also widely available at the supermarket or drugstore. The kit is used by squeezing the gel into the mouthguard, and fitting the mouthguard to your teeth for around five minutes. The gel has a long period of contact with the tooth enamel, and bleaches teeth over time.

Home light whitening is a relatively new technique. When people ask how to get white teeth fast at home, this is usually the method that people are most unsure about.
Light whitening works together with a solution of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. It uses plasma light to accelerate the oxidation process. Oxygen acts as a bleaching agent to whiten your teeth effectively.

Light whitening is more difficult to carry out at home is that it can affect the soft tissue in your mouth. At the dentist, your gums are covered with a resin-based barrier. Your teeth are then coated with a more concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide and exposed to the light source for up to 15 minutes.

Blue light home teeth whitening solutions are the same as light whitening. Lights are usually within the blue light spectrum. This is because the blue light spectrum has been found to contain the most effective wavelengths for initiating the hydrogen peroxide reaction.

There are a range of solutions to the question of how to get white teeth fast at home. You don’t necessarily need a lot of cash for expensive, boutique dental solutions. Many solutions to getting white teeth fast at home can be obtained from the corner store, or the nearest supermarket or drugstore.

You can get white teeth fast at home, and enjoy the benefits and the boost to confidence that come with a brighter smile!

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