Teeth whitening has become a very important aspect of most people’s lives and that is because when you have white, healthy and beautiful teeth you have more chances to land a job you’ve applied and recently interviewed for, get a date with that beautiful lady that keeps passing by your house every morning and so on.

In fact, getting whiter teeth is no longer something that requires you to see a dentist, since you can now do it in the comfort of your own home. How?
Well, with products like zoom teeth whitening of course! So what is it and why should you care in the first place?
Well, this is a special gel that needs to be applied on your teeth where you’re going to leave it for a while and then remove it. What’s great about the zoom whitening gel is that not only is it effective, but at the same time the results can be seen from the first session, giving you the peace of mind that if you need to go out for a date you won’t have to worry about having yellow teeth.

More About Zoom Tooth Whitening

Now if you read the zoom teeth whitening reviews, then you’re already aware that the gel comes in various strengths, ranging from low to medium and high and it’s manufactured by Discus Dental (a very popular company that is responsible for creating numerous successful dental products that have helped tens of thousands of people improve their oral care).
Because of that, you can have the confidence this product actually works and it’s going to give you the results you want in just one hour after applying it on your teeth.
Moreover, zoom tooth whitening contains 22 percent carbamide peroxide which makes it a clinical grade tooth whitener that’s going to give you the smile of a superstar. So what about the zoom teeth whitening side effects, you may ask? Well, the good news is that there aren’t any and you can use the gel at home anytime you want without having to worry about it negatively affecting your gums or teeth.
However, if you do have cuts or sores in your mouth, then it’s best you wait until they’re healed, since using the gel while they didn’t fully heal may be uncomfortable.

Excellent for those with sensitive mouths

As you may already know, there are various teeth whitening gels out there and each of them have a different strength. Because of that, some of them may cause irritations which are very unpleasant to deal with. The good news is that since zoom tooth whitening has only 22 percent carbamide peroxide, it has a medium strength which means that it’s an excellent choice if you have a sensitive mouth.
And also, did you know that this is the only teeth whitener on the market that combines fluoride, potassium nitrate and amorphous calcium in order to give you whiter teeth than any other solution out there?
In fact, it has been clinically proven that the ACP formulation helps a lot with rebuilding your enamel, it reduces feedback, adds luster to your teeth and also reduces teeth sensitivity by thirty percent.

Double barreled syringes

The double barreled syringes are praised in almost all zoom teeth whitening reviews you’ll read on the internet and that is because they are very easy to use and are going to help you get the gel in all those tight places between your teeth in order to make sure they are evenly whitened.
One thing you should know that in each barrel there is a different bleaching agent and when the ingredients in the syringes are mixed, the agents become are activated and you can then proceed with applying the gel on your teeth to whiten them.

Talk to your dentist first

It’s true that almost all zoom teeth whitening reviews are raving about this product, but one thing that you may not read in many of them is that in general any teeth whitening solution may cause your teeth to become sensitive after using it. Therefore, if you already have sensitive teeth, then this may become relay uncomfortable for you and in some cases, when used incorrectly, you can even burn your gums.

Who is it for?

If you have darkened or yellow teeth and have tried many types of whitening toothpastes and other similar products and you got no results, then you may want to consider using a special teeth whitening solution like zoom tooth whitening. Keep in mind that if your teeth are brown, this product won’t actually help you make them whiter so you should look for something else instead.

The cost

The zoom whitening cost is pretty low to what you’d usually need to pay if you were to go see a dentist and get a professional tooth whitening in his office. Currently, the zoom whitening system costs about thirty dollars and when you compare that with the few hundred dollars that you usually need to spend at the dentist for whiter teeth, you instantly realize how much money you can save with.
Better yet, since it can be done at home and it takes just about an hour to complete adds to the convenience of using it.
Teeth whitening solutions have advanced a lot in the last few years and while some of them require that you prepare your teeth by doing this and that, solutions like zoom tooth whitening are anything but hard to use. All you have to do is apply the gel on your teeth, leave it there for just 1h and then your teeth will have become noticeably whiter.
There’s no need to waste your time and money going to the dentist and you certainly don’t need to worry about poking your wallet so you can have a Hollywood like smile. Just make sure you keep it out of the reach of children and use it every time your teeth get yellow and you’re going to love the results you get with zoom tooth whitening solution.

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