Is my Baby Teething? Top Signs Your Baby is Teething!

Is my Baby Teething?

Baby Teething

Red lumpy bulging gums! Sometimes you might even see the outline of their teeth, or little white bumps.  Your baby might have raised spots or red tender areas.   My daughters gums had small white spots, and some red lumpy areas too.

Drooling! I think my daughter wore a bib  from about 3 months old until she was almost 2 years old.  She drooled like an English Bulldog and I have the photos to prove it!  Some babies will drool excessively while some little ones might not drool at all.  I personally have never met any teething babies that didn't drool at least a little bit.

Biting & Chewing! Most teething babies will chew or bite anything they can put to their mouths.  I gave my daughter my pinky to chew on few times, I thought that a gum massage might help.  She gnawed and ground down on my finger so hard, I almost yelped.  Your baby might even bite while feeding as they get used to the new sensations in their mouth.

Night Waking & General Fussiness! Just when I was finally getting used to my daughter sleeping thru the night, it was a long hard road to get there too, when all of a sudden she was waking up again like crazy!  Evening got hard again too, she would want to eat, then not want to eat.  It was very frustrating!  This period is often called the "Wakeful Four month old" as it often starts around 4 months.

Other Common Teething Baby  Symptoms

Drool Rash! Remember all that drool I was talking about before?  Well, it might just cause a "drool rash".  My daughter would get small red raised bumps on her chin , neck and chest.  Teething Babies skin can get irritated from their saliva constantly running down their face.
Cough!  Drool here again! This drool can drip down your babies throat, this can cause them to cough.

Loose stool /Diarrhea! You would probably only experience this is your baby is a real drool faucet.  All that excessive drool that sometimes drips down their little throats?  It might cause your babies stool to seem looser, or appear like diarrhea.  Every once in while, usually only if she was cutting a few teeth at a time, my daughter would have some extra loose movements.

Fever! Almost like clockwork, just before the tooth would erupt, my daughter would register a low grade fever.  It can be common for your baby to have a mild fever when they are teething.  A mild, low grade fever is never more then 101 degrees.

Ear Pulling and Cheek Rubbing! My dear daughter was often rubbing her cheeks and rubbing her ears a few days before a new tooth would come in.  Teething babies sometimes have pain that travels from their teeth towards their cheeks and ears.
If you are ever concerned at all about any of your babies symptoms or behavior, you should always call your doctor.  Signs a baby is teething can be similar to that of other childhood infections, such as an ear infection.

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