How To Bleach Teeth At Home Fast

How To Bleach Your Teeth At Home Fast

It seems that gleaming white teeth are the latest fashion accessory, but if your teeth are less than pearly white, I’m sure you’d love to know how to bleach teeth at home fast. Let’s face it, we don’t all have limitless amounts of money to spend on our beauty routines and we’re always looking for ways to cut costs, but there are things you can do to remove stains from your teeth and restore your childhood smile without breaking the bank. And what’s more, the solution is quick, painless and easily carried out at home.

As we age our teeth start to look darker as we absorb stains from tea, coffee, red wine and nicotine. This leaves us with yellow looking teeth, which makes us self conscious and knocks our confidence. While we’d love to visit a dentist, sit back in the chair and let a laser do all the work, most of us just don’t have the spare cash to make this dream a reality. Here’s where the fastest way to whiten teeth at home, especially bleaching kits can help and here you will see how to bleach teeth at home fast, with the minimum of fuss and very little outlay.

If you start wondering how much does it cost to bleach your teeth whiter, rest assured the best at home bleaching kits can be bought in most pharmacies, drug stores, health and beauty shops and, of course, online and are ideal if you’d like to lighten your teeth by several shades as they produce fast, even results in a relatively short period of time. But before you rush out and buy the first kit you see, you need to know a few things about them and how they work.

What is contained in a home bleaching kit?

Home bleaching kits come complete with syringes of bleaching gel containing either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. This is the active ingredient which removes the stains. When the gel is applied to the teeth it is absorbed through the micro-pores of the enamel, through to the inner most level of the dentine. Here it comes into contact with the stains and at this point it breaks down into oxygen and water, with the oxygen oxidizing the stain into smaller white coloured particles. The more you use the gel, the more of an effect it has on the stains, until your teeth become the shade of white you desire.

You’ll also find a set of rubber or plastic mouth trays in the kit, together with a shade chart. Some kits have a blue laser light too, which speeds up the processing time.

How to use a kit

Before you can use your kit you’ll need to customize the rubber trays to fit your teeth. This is easily done by immersing the trays into boiling water until they are soft and malleable. You should then fit these onto your teeth, being careful not to burn yourself, and press the tray against your teeth and gums to mold them to the shape of your mouth, then remove and leave to cool. Once cool, try them for size, removing any excess rubber with scissors to avoid the gel coming into contact with your gums. Here is a step by step video about proper tray construction:

How To Bleach Teeth At Home Fast

Now you are ready to use your kit. I always like to clean my teeth thoroughly first before I fit the trays. This should be followed by squeezing a small amount of gel into each tooth indentation, literally the size of a pin head (you can always add more later if necessary). When all the indentations have been filled, you then carefully fit the molds to your teeth, wiping away any excess gel. Some manufactures recommend that you paint the gel onto your teeth with a cotton bud before fitting your trays, so it’s wise to follow the instructions given with your particular kit. The trays should then be left in place for the time advised in the instructions which tell you how to bleach teeth at home fast.

To accelerate whitening time, some of the kits incorporate LED ‘laser’ light technology – a blue or white light which you place in your mouth while wearing your trays. These lights can speed up the whole process by up to 300%, meaning that you are able to reduce the whitening time to just 15 minutes a day, while still achieving lightening of up to eleven shades. The main advantage of using one of these lights is that you reduce the amount of time the gel spends in contact with your gums, thus reducing the chance of sensitivity. I would suggest that you buy a kit with a light, although the lights can be bought separately. You may see them advertised as blue light or white light, but they both do the same job.

Once your allotted time is up, remove the trays and clean your teeth thoroughly, ensuring that you rinse with plenty of water to get rid of any remaining gel. You should also clean out your trays and leave them to ‘air dry’ before the next use.

You continue to use your trays on alternate days until you achieve the shade of whiteness you desire. This is where the shade chart comes in. Mark the chart with your starting shade and then you can easily see how many shades lighter you’d like your teeth to be.

Of course, when considering how to bleach teeth at home fast, you should also be aware of some of the problems that could occur. Some gels contain ingredients which extend their shelf life, but which are extremely acidic and able to dissolve the minerals in your teeth, therefore you should always check that the gel you are buying is PH neutral.

You should also note that home bleaching kits contain a lower concentration of active ingredients in the gel to that in professional kits used by dentists. As concentrations vary, it’s a good idea to check the percentage concentration of active ingredients in the gel before you buy the kit.

Bleaching with Baking Soda

How To Bleach Teeth At Home Fast

Of course, some people still swear by the old fashioned method of how to bleach teeth at home fast by using baking soda. With this method you simply wet your toothbrush and then dip it into the baking soda before brushing your teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes. It does do a great job at removing surface stains but is not as good at removing deeper stains. Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is a mild abrasive; however overuse can damage the enamel of your teeth, which in turn leads to increased staining over time. However some home bleaching kits are now incorporating baking soda into their formulations to make gels which are more suitable for those people with sensitive teeth who find using the usual gels painful.

In conclusion, if you want to improve the look of your teeth, home bleaching kits are an excellent way to lighten up your smile. They’re quick, easy and generally pain free and they do achieve noticeable and lasting results. And don’t forget, once you’ve reached your desired shade, use a good brand of whitening toothpaste to keep your teeth glowing. The effect of the lightening should last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years. So now you know how to bleach teeth at home fast – what are you waiting for? Buy a kit and get bleaching today.

Is my Baby Teething? Top Signs Your Baby is Teething!

Is my Baby Teething?

Baby Teething

Red lumpy bulging gums! Sometimes you might even see the outline of their teeth, or little white bumps.  Your baby might have raised spots or red tender areas.   My daughters gums had small white spots, and some red lumpy areas too.

Drooling! I think my daughter wore a bib  from about 3 months old until she was almost 2 years old.  She drooled like an English Bulldog and I have the photos to prove it!  Some babies will drool excessively while some little ones might not drool at all.  I personally have never met any teething babies that didn't drool at least a little bit.

Biting & Chewing! Most teething babies will chew or bite anything they can put to their mouths.  I gave my daughter my pinky to chew on few times, I thought that a gum massage might help.  She gnawed and ground down on my finger so hard, I almost yelped.  Your baby might even bite while feeding as they get used to the new sensations in their mouth.

Night Waking & General Fussiness! Just when I was finally getting used to my daughter sleeping thru the night, it was a long hard road to get there too, when all of a sudden she was waking up again like crazy!  Evening got hard again too, she would want to eat, then not want to eat.  It was very frustrating!  This period is often called the "Wakeful Four month old" as it often starts around 4 months.

Other Common Teething Baby  Symptoms

Drool Rash! Remember all that drool I was talking about before?  Well, it might just cause a "drool rash".  My daughter would get small red raised bumps on her chin , neck and chest.  Teething Babies skin can get irritated from their saliva constantly running down their face.
Cough!  Drool here again! This drool can drip down your babies throat, this can cause them to cough.

Loose stool /Diarrhea! You would probably only experience this is your baby is a real drool faucet.  All that excessive drool that sometimes drips down their little throats?  It might cause your babies stool to seem looser, or appear like diarrhea.  Every once in while, usually only if she was cutting a few teeth at a time, my daughter would have some extra loose movements.

Fever! Almost like clockwork, just before the tooth would erupt, my daughter would register a low grade fever.  It can be common for your baby to have a mild fever when they are teething.  A mild, low grade fever is never more then 101 degrees.

Ear Pulling and Cheek Rubbing! My dear daughter was often rubbing her cheeks and rubbing her ears a few days before a new tooth would come in.  Teething babies sometimes have pain that travels from their teeth towards their cheeks and ears.
If you are ever concerned at all about any of your babies symptoms or behavior, you should always call your doctor.  Signs a baby is teething can be similar to that of other childhood infections, such as an ear infection.


Teeth whitening has become a very important aspect of most people’s lives and that is because when you have white, healthy and beautiful teeth you have more chances to land a job you’ve applied and recently interviewed for, get a date with that beautiful lady that keeps passing by your house every morning and so on.

In fact, getting whiter teeth is no longer something that requires you to see a dentist, since you can now do it in the comfort of your own home. How?
Well, with products like zoom teeth whitening of course! So what is it and why should you care in the first place?
Well, this is a special gel that needs to be applied on your teeth where you’re going to leave it for a while and then remove it. What’s great about the zoom whitening gel is that not only is it effective, but at the same time the results can be seen from the first session, giving you the peace of mind that if you need to go out for a date you won’t have to worry about having yellow teeth.

More About Zoom Tooth Whitening

Now if you read the zoom teeth whitening reviews, then you’re already aware that the gel comes in various strengths, ranging from low to medium and high and it’s manufactured by Discus Dental (a very popular company that is responsible for creating numerous successful dental products that have helped tens of thousands of people improve their oral care).
Because of that, you can have the confidence this product actually works and it’s going to give you the results you want in just one hour after applying it on your teeth.
Moreover, zoom tooth whitening contains 22 percent carbamide peroxide which makes it a clinical grade tooth whitener that’s going to give you the smile of a superstar. So what about the zoom teeth whitening side effects, you may ask? Well, the good news is that there aren’t any and you can use the gel at home anytime you want without having to worry about it negatively affecting your gums or teeth.
However, if you do have cuts or sores in your mouth, then it’s best you wait until they’re healed, since using the gel while they didn’t fully heal may be uncomfortable.

Excellent for those with sensitive mouths

As you may already know, there are various teeth whitening gels out there and each of them have a different strength. Because of that, some of them may cause irritations which are very unpleasant to deal with. The good news is that since zoom tooth whitening has only 22 percent carbamide peroxide, it has a medium strength which means that it’s an excellent choice if you have a sensitive mouth.
And also, did you know that this is the only teeth whitener on the market that combines fluoride, potassium nitrate and amorphous calcium in order to give you whiter teeth than any other solution out there?
In fact, it has been clinically proven that the ACP formulation helps a lot with rebuilding your enamel, it reduces feedback, adds luster to your teeth and also reduces teeth sensitivity by thirty percent.

Double barreled syringes

The double barreled syringes are praised in almost all zoom teeth whitening reviews you’ll read on the internet and that is because they are very easy to use and are going to help you get the gel in all those tight places between your teeth in order to make sure they are evenly whitened.
One thing you should know that in each barrel there is a different bleaching agent and when the ingredients in the syringes are mixed, the agents become are activated and you can then proceed with applying the gel on your teeth to whiten them.

Talk to your dentist first

It’s true that almost all zoom teeth whitening reviews are raving about this product, but one thing that you may not read in many of them is that in general any teeth whitening solution may cause your teeth to become sensitive after using it. Therefore, if you already have sensitive teeth, then this may become relay uncomfortable for you and in some cases, when used incorrectly, you can even burn your gums.

Who is it for?

If you have darkened or yellow teeth and have tried many types of whitening toothpastes and other similar products and you got no results, then you may want to consider using a special teeth whitening solution like zoom tooth whitening. Keep in mind that if your teeth are brown, this product won’t actually help you make them whiter so you should look for something else instead.

The cost

The zoom whitening cost is pretty low to what you’d usually need to pay if you were to go see a dentist and get a professional tooth whitening in his office. Currently, the zoom whitening system costs about thirty dollars and when you compare that with the few hundred dollars that you usually need to spend at the dentist for whiter teeth, you instantly realize how much money you can save with.
Better yet, since it can be done at home and it takes just about an hour to complete adds to the convenience of using it.
Teeth whitening solutions have advanced a lot in the last few years and while some of them require that you prepare your teeth by doing this and that, solutions like zoom tooth whitening are anything but hard to use. All you have to do is apply the gel on your teeth, leave it there for just 1h and then your teeth will have become noticeably whiter.
There’s no need to waste your time and money going to the dentist and you certainly don’t need to worry about poking your wallet so you can have a Hollywood like smile. Just make sure you keep it out of the reach of children and use it every time your teeth get yellow and you’re going to love the results you get with zoom tooth whitening solution.



White teeth are something that not everyone can boast about and that is because it takes either the luck of being born with teeth that hardly get yellow or a lot of smart tricks that help you whiten teeth naturally.
Therefore, if you are sick with the color of your teeth and you want to have a smile that is going to light up a room, then you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money by going to the dentist and getting an expensive tooth whitening treatment, since you can now benefit from cheap teeth whitening solutions right in the comfort of your own home.
How exactly can you do that? Well, about that and more we’re going to focus on more below.


Eat Strawberries

Did you know that eating strawberries is one of the best way to whiten your teeth naturally? You may initially think that such a claim is false, but strawberries actually contain a special enzyme called malic acid which can easily clean your teeth from bacteria that eventually leads to discoloration and yellowing of the surface of your teeth. So how can you use the strawberries to get whiter teeth?
First of all, you’ll need to get a ripe strawberry (the riper, the better since it’s going to be easier to mash) and then mash it with a teaspoon in a plastic or glass bowl. After that, you just need to add half a spoon of baking soda and mix the mashed strawberry with it until you get a smooth paste with the same consistency as honey. Now all you have to do is dip your toothbrush into the mixture and brush your teeth thoroughly.
After you brush them, leave the mixture on your teeth for five minutes. This is going to give the solution plenty of time to attack the bacteria on your teeth, break it and leave your teeth looking very white. Lastly, all you have to do is rinse your mouth and brush your teeth as usual by using your favorite toothpaste.

Floss Your Teeth

Another way to whiten teeth naturally is to make sure that you floss them every day. In fact, many dentists claim that flossing your teeth is much more important than brushing them every day and that is because this way you can dislocate pieces of food from between your teeth and avoid the formation of cavities.
On top of that, flossing can also prevent the staining of your teeth, helping maintain their whiter look for a longer period of time.

Lemon and Baking Soda

This solution to whiten teeth naturally has been used by a lot of people don’t have the money to go pay their dentist a visit in order to whiten their teeth and because of that it’s one of the most popular solutions you can currently use. So why does this mix whiten your teeth?
Well, it’s because when baking soda is combined with lemon juice the chemical reaction that takes place has the power to easily clean and whiten your teeth by a few shades.
So how to can you naturally whiten teeth with baking soda and lemon? First of all, you need to take a bowl and add half a teaspoon of baking soda and then squeeze some lemon juice. When you’ll do so, the mixture is going to start bubbling. Applying it on your teeth is simple, but make sure you wipe the saliva away and then use a cotton swab to put it on your teeth.
Given the fact this solution is very effective, it’s recommended that you’re only going to use it once a week in the beginning if your teeth are very yellow and then only use it once or twice a month in order to maintain the results. However, in some cases irritation may occur and if that happens to you, it’s best that you stop using it altogether.

Try Eating Crunchy Vegetables And Fruits

Carrots, celery and apples are all great choices if you want to whiten your teeth without having to resort to various solutions that risk attacking and damaging the enamel of your teeth. In fact, crunchy vegetables and fruits are considered nature’s toothbrush and in the past people used to consume a lot of them just so they can have white and healthy teeth.
By doing so, you’re not only going to remove the bacteria and food particles from your teeth, but the acids the veggies and fruits contain are going to double the cleaning effect, making your teeth whiter. Try eating more apples though, since they contain malic acid (the same as strawberries) and are super effective at helping you get whiter teeth.

Oil Pulling

You may not know about this yet, but oil pulling originates in India and there it’s used in order to cleanse the body and to also improve oral health. Oil pulling is actually very simple, inexpensive and bears no risks. All you have to do is take a tablespoon of oil (preferable coconut oil) and then swish it through your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes.
After you have swished it in your mouth long enough, you need to rinse your mouth very well and then drink two to three glasses of water.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Last but not least, those who want to know how to whiten teeth naturally in an effective and easy manner should get some food grade hydrogen peroxide. This type of hydrogen peroxide is not only going to prevent infections, but at the same time it can also help with bad breath and prevent the growth of bacteria.
All you have to do is swish some of it in your mouth for a few minutes and then spit it out.
If you don’t want to swish it raw, then you can mix it with some water and then swish it in your mouth for about a minute. After that, you can go to check the results by looking in the mirror. You’ll be really surprised of how much of a difference one minute of swishing with FGHP has on your teeth, but also on your breath.