Check Out The Amazing Tips on How to Whiten Teeth Fast

Having whiter teeth is something that a lot of people are interested in and that is because when you do have white teeth you’re not only seen as being a more attractive person, but if you were to look for a job then you can be sure that you’re going to look more employable than others.

As crazy as it may sound, this is exactly what many employers have said in a study that was conducted a few years ago and included employers with 10 and up to a few thousand employees. Given the massive importance whiter teeth have on your life and career, let’s take a closer look below at how to whiten teeth fast so that you’ll have an irresistible smile!

Use Whitening Strips

Whitening strips seem to be a very good way of getting whiter teeth, but before you’ll consider this method, it’s important that you’re going to ensure they have been approved by the ADA and they don’t contain chlorine dioxide. Why is that? Well, this is a corrosive substance that can easily damage your enamel and therefore make your teeth more prone to cavity, sensitivity and other dental problems.
Instead, go for whitening strips that are made of polyethylene and get them either from your local supermarket or your local drugstore. This is a really fast teeth whitening at home solution that costs no more than a few dollars to consider, which means you can save a lot of money this way.

The strips

Now that you got that strips, you should know there are 2 of them, with one being for your upper teeth and the other for your lower teeth. Keep in mind that on each strip you’ll have to apply a 5 minute whitening gel and as the name implies, you only need to keep the strips on for five minutes.
Now in terms of cost the strips will run you around 30 dollars, which isn’t so much when you compare the cost with that of seeing your dentist, right?

Carefully study the instructions

One word of caution though is that each type of teeth whitening gel is rather different, which means that you definitely need to take a good look at the instructions on how the strips need to be applied and how frequently you can use them. And while some strips need to be removed by hand, others may simply dissolve in your mouth which means that you’re just going to have to spit them out.
How to Whiten Teeth Fast

Rinse your mouth

Okay, after you’ve removed the strips from your mouth it’s time that you thoroughly rinse your mouth with water. After that, you can look in the mirror and you’re going to be surprised of how white your teeth actually got. Remember: if the strips are used properly, then you’ll be able to have whiter teeth for up to 120 days.

Brush and floss regularly

Did you know that there are special toothpastes which you can use in order to instantly get whiter teeth after brushing your teeth only once? In fact, I usually get that when I use my whitening toothpaste which effectively removes the plaque between my teeth and also the very thin layer of bacteria that has adhered to them and changed their color from white to yellow.
On top of that, keep in mind that flossing your teeth is also very important and it contributes a lot to your goal of having whiter teeth.

On the go cleaning gel

If you still wonder about how to whiten teeth fast because you don’t like the previous methods we’ve given you, then have no worries since you can use an at home teeth whitening kit for this. In fact, even if the name suggests you can use it at home, you can in fact use it anywhere as long as you have access to a bathroom.
Just imagine this: you’re dining at a fine restaurant and you had a couple of drinks (more specifically some red wine) and you start to become self-conscious about your teeth and how they’re getting stained minute after minute. Well, in this case, all you need to do is excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and use some tooth whitening gel.
This type of gel is not only going to make your teeth whiter, but at the same time it can also eliminate bad breath because it contains calcium peroxide. All you have to do is apply a dab on your tongue and then consider rolling it around the upper teeth. This way, you’ll be able to clean and refresh your entire mouth. The best thing about it? It works immediately and no rinsing is necessary!

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is very well known to be very effective for those who want to have whiter teeth instantly. However, you need to mix it with baking soda in order for it to work. So how to whiten teeth fast with these 2 ingredients? Well, first of all you’ll have to pour two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide into three teaspoons of baking soda. Mix them very well until you’ll get a paste and reach the consistency of puree.
After you do that, it’s time that you get your toothbrush and put the hydrogen peroxide mixture (in the same amount you’d use regular toothpaste) and start brushing your teeth. Keep in mind that when brushing your teeth with this mixture it’s important that you do it in circular motions. After you’ve covered all of your teeth, you just need to leave it on for two minutes and then rinse your mouth thoroughly.
Swish with water until you feel your mouth and teeth are clean and that there’s no more hydrogen peroxide left. Now that you know these amazing teeth whitening tricks, make sure you try all of them and see which one suites your needs best.
Just remember that if you want to use the hydrogen peroxide method, only use it maximum 4 times a month if you have really discolored or yellow teeth. After that, it’s recommended you’ll use it only once or twice a month for maintenance.

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