How To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth? Best 3 Solutions

How to get rid of yellow teeth?

Are you sick? Are you tired of having to hide your smile in public? Chances are you either give 1 of your fake smiles or pretend to not found the joke funny …. Isn’t that so sad! Well, ok so somebody a while back – a mirror may be or a good friend – took you aside and told you your teeth have gone far so yellow for you to grin without calling out to the yellow monster of embarrassment!
Well, the great news is that your time of feeling embarrassed (or avoiding to smile) are finally over! Yes, we’re about to providing you the secret weapon – very easy to answer how to get rid of yellow teeth!

Yellow Teeth

We’ve divided this into 3 parts for convenience’s sake:

•    Home Remedies
•    Professional Help
•    After care

#1 Home Remedies

Ok, so a few of these solutions may seem a little bit strange – but trust us – they work very well!

A - Floss and Brush regularly
It removes the yellowish and stains with time.

B- Munch on Tart Apples and Crunchy!
The crunchy apple removes stains and cleans your teeth. The tartness helps further.

C- Munching on Pears or Celery could also help
Partially, it’s the same effect as apple – but these helps also to increase saliva production that helps to remove stains.

D- Drink Much Water
Water helps to wash away debris – preventing more staining. Water also helps to lighten teeth stains.

E- Chewing sugar-less gum can also help
This naturally contains tiny amounts of components that help to remove or lighten the stain. Works very well.

Now, let’s take a look at part 2…

#2 Professional help or care

Again, we have grouped a few not so professional ones – just because all of these solutions involve chemicals that you’ll need to be careful with.

A- Peroxide rinse can bleach your yellow teeth
Mix some of the hydrogen peroxides and add it to a cup of water. Use this mix to rinse out your yellow teeth. However, this is just a very quick fix – use it only when there’s an emergency! And never SWALLOW the mix!

B- Teeth whitening products
There are a small number of teeth whitening products available on the markets. The best of these products can work wonder – and without harming your health or teeth.

C- Visit a professional dentist for a teeth whitening session

Dentists have different treatments and techniques by which they can:

•    Remove yellowing and stains
•    Make covering that is a replacement for lost enamel.

And finally part 3:

#3 After Care

Whitening your teeth once only and continuing the way you were won’t help – because your teeth will just go yellow and stained and ugly again! Tooth care and proper dental hygiene are essential. Also, you’d do great to find out the causes of yellow teeth and try to avoid these causes as much as possible

And definitely, the natural remedies we mentioned above you can practice at any time – they do boost your health as well as keep your teeth pearly and healthy!

How to get rid of yellow teeth?” – You aren’t still going around wondering that, are you? Well you know the secrets now – so stop! And start using these remedies and have friends guessing at the secrets behind your shiny white teeth!


  1. Salt is a common ingredient that found in every home. It’s ideal for dental cleaning and its helps to restore the mineral which lost in the teeth, it also help to achieve whiteness and kill bacteria. Don’t rub too fast as it very harmful for your delicate gums and enamel.