Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth: Best 7 Tips

Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth can make one uncomfortable while speaking which may also result to low self-esteem. Unfortunately, many do not know that there is a cheap way to eliminate yellow teeth at the comfort of your home. They, therefore, stay with the problem since they do not have money to go for cleansing. This should not worry you anymore, instead of spending a lot of money on the cleansing and expensive toothpaste; you can use what you have at home to make your own cleansing toothpaste. This article will discuss seven natural and affordable ways to whiten teeth at the comfort of your home.

Yellow Teeth

Using Coconut

There are different ways in which coconut can be used to eliminate yellow teeth. One of the ways is applying coconut oil to the teeth after brushing. The other way is mixing your toothpaste with coconut oil before you brush. Lastly, it is also effective to put a spoonful of the oil to your mouth then swish it for about five to twenty minutes. Besides enabling tooth whitening, coconut oil is also good for the gum, which is an added advantage to those who use it.


Using strawberry can help you whiten teeth. Simply mash the strawberries and smear the mashed mixture all over your teeth. You will realize that the teeth will be whiter when you rinse them. Many people have said that this method really works.However, it is important to brush your teeth after that because strawberries contain acids and sugars that may be harmful to your teeth.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For this agent to work, you have to be consistent in using it. You simply have to brush with ACV, and then brush again with regular toothpaste to avoid any complications since the agent is acidic.

Brush after drinking or eating

This is the best and easiest way to achieve teeth whitening. Unfortunately, it needs consistency, which means after every drink or meal you go brush your teeth. Many people are unable to do this due to their places of work or schedules. However, if successfully implemented; this method can do the trick.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

You simply have to mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with a small amount if baking soda. Brush your teeth with the paste and rings well. While making the paste, be careful on the amount of hydrogen peroxide you use since the agent can be corrosive.


Mix a few drops of lemon with salt to make a paste. Apply the paste to your teeth for a few days. Brush your teeth every time you finish this to avoid damaging your teeth since lemons contain ingredients that can dissolve your enamel making it prone to cavities.


Consuming an apple can help whiten teeth and do away with yellow teeth. Researchers have found out that apples contain malic acid, which is an important ingredient in making products for dissolving stains on the teeth. This, therefore, means that consuming the apples directly will help the teeth absorb the malic acid hence dissolving the stains.

All these tips are the best home remedies for yellow teeth, if you have any extra information, I will be happy to hear you.

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening: 7 Tips

Eliminating discolored teeth does not have to be expensive anymore. There are home remedies for teeth whitening to help you achieve this so that you can have that beautiful smile you ever wished for. The good thing with these remedies is that they are not complicated and you can do them on your own without involving the dentist.

Yellow Teeth

Floss your yellow teeth

Many people prefer just brushing their yellow teeth without flossing. However, flossing is more important than brushing since it is able to remove stains even between your teeth thus making them look whiter. For best results, one should floss the teeth daily.


Strawberries contain both malic acid and vitamin C, which is good for teeth whitening. The malic acid helps to remove stains while the Vitamin C cleanses plaque. Positive results can be achieved by mashing the strawberries and brushing with the mixture once or twice a week.

Eat Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Carrots, celery, and apples are great for your yellow teeth. The crunchy fruits help remove bacteria and food from the mouth. They also help to scrub off surface stains. The acids in the fruits also help in cleaning and removing stains from the teeth thus making them whiter. Like strawberries, apples also contain malic acid, which is a stain remover.

Use a straw

Soda, wine, tea, and coffee can contribute to discolored teeth. Therefore it is advisable to always use a straw when possible so as to reduce direct exposure to the drinks to teeth. This may be embarrassing especially when drinking tea or coffee. However, it is better than living with yellow teeth for the rest of your life.

Oil pulling

This method is common in India since it is a method used to enhance oral health among the Indians. All you need to do is take one tablespoon of pure organic oil and swish it around your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes. Move the oil around your mouth by pulling it between your teeth as well as sucking. After rinsing, spit out the oil then rinses your mouth thoroughly, after which you should consume two to three glasses of water.

Baking Soda and Lemon

This is one of the most popular home remedies for teeth whitening. Mix freshly squeezed the lemon with baking soda then brush with the solution once per week. However, if there occurs any irritation, discontinue the remedy since baking soda may be too abrasive for your gum. Alternatively, you can use a cotton cloth to wipe off saliva and plaque from your teeth then apply the mixture of lemon and baking soda. Leave the mixture on your teeth for a minute then gently brush it off with a toothbrush.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Among the discussed home remedies for teeth whitening, this has been proven as being the most effective. Hydrogen peroxide prevents the growth of bacteria thus preventing tooth infection. Simply swish the food-grade hydrogen peroxide around your mouth for a few seconds then spit it out. You can also mix the agent with water and swish the mixture around your mouth.

Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening: Best 7 Remedies

Health and white teeth boost individuals self-esteem as well as confidence. Teeth discoloration is because of stains from coffee, tea or even smoking. Our teeth make the first impression about how we care our self. Smiling makes us feel good but sometimes if you teeth are not white, it may lead to self-conscious. Below are some Home remedies for teeth whitening you should try.

Yellow Teeth

Baking Soda
Baking soda is one of the best Home remedies for teeth whitening that will work wonders on your teeth if used regularly. Therefore, it is advisable to mix baking soda and water and wash it through your teeth before brushing.

Eat Strawberries
Did you know that strawberries are the best ingredients for whitening your tooth? Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, which is responsible for making your teeth whiter. Strawberries are also high in acid that is responsible for polishing as well keeping your teeth white. Blend both strawberries with baking soda to come up with excellent toothpaste. In addition, strawberries contain a super powerful astringent that gets rid of surface stains as well as an enzyme is known as malic acid. You can also choose to chew it as plain or mash it to create a paste.

Salt is the longest dental cleansing agent, which has been proven effective when it comes to teeth whitening process. This is because salt will help in restoring lost mineral content in the teeth thus reviving its white color. It is advisable to either use salt to clean your teeth or mix salt with charcoal or brush your teeth with the paste daily.
N/B it is good to be extra keen when using salt because it may cause damage to the gums and tooth enamel.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar
It is the best home remedy for teeth whitening. The remedy has been proven effective if used consistently. It will get rid of stubborn teeth steins that eventually cause teeth discoloration.

Banana Peels
Bananas are sweet, healthy and nutritious. For many years, banana peels have been used as a home remedy for whitening teeth. This is because bananas are high in minerals such as potassium, manganese, and magnesium. All these ingredients are what make bananas excellent remedy for removing stains. These substances are quickly absorbed into the teeth thus making it have a white sparkling look. Therefore, in order to achieve that look you have been longing for, rub the inside of the banana peel daily for better results.

Hydrogen Peroxide
For whiter and brighter teeth and smile, try hydrogen peroxide. It will remove all the yellow from you teeth and other stubborn stains easily. This is because hydrogen peroxide contains bleaching properties. In order to achieve brightening smile rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide or create a thick paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and brush your teeth with it. In addition, you can add hydrogen peroxide to your regular toothpaste. In addition, it is an antibacterial agent and is effective for cleaning gums and mouth thus preventing germs causing discoloration. Therefore, it is an effective home remedy for whitening teeth. This is because hydrogen peroxide will inhibit the growth of bacteria as well as prevent infection and bad odor.

Lemon or orange peels
Lemons and oranges great Home remedies for teeth whitening. They are loaded with cleansing and bleaching property, which will permanent prevent teeth discoloration. Rubbing your teeth white their peels will replenish it the white color. For that brightening smile, mix lemon or orange juice with baking soda. Brush your teeth with the mixture daily for super effective results.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow? Reasons & Remedies

These Answers are for questions that have posted on Reddit “ Why do teeth turn yellow? Is it possible to brush your teeth every hour to turn them white ?

I am so happy to see too many replies. This indicates that there is a good interest in how to take care of teeth. I wish the following sentences explain some of the confusion as to what makes your teeth yellow, what to brush with, how to brush, and, finally, are veneers worth it, or to go with implants.

Yellow Teeth

Q: Why do teeth turn yellow?

A: There may be a lot of reasons why teeth get very yellow. The outer layer of the teeth is called enamel, approximately 1-1.5mm thick, the hardest tissue in our body. The thickness of the enamel layer thickness changes throughout your life and gets thinner with time. The thinner the enamel, the more yellow teeth show as the second layer of the teeth, called dentin, dominates the last shade. In my practice, we will constantly evaluate the thickness of the enamel layer to know how successful whitening can be. If your enamel gets to be too thin, no whitening products or systems will work. Diet makes your teeth also more yellow. Anything from smoking, coffee, red wine, tea may contribute to staining the teeth. If the thickness of your enamel layer is within normal limits, superficial stains can be cleaned with Prof Teeth Whitening and the result will be great. Think of your enamel as a sponge that has like a rock. The stains will not sneak into the enamel because the structure of enamel is not permeable, and if it does, it will be easily cleaned.

At the same time, there is another patients group with developmental or congenital enamel defects (dentinogenesis imperfecta, amelogenesis imperfecta) or patients with very deep stains caused by medicines (tetracycline stains). In the first situation, the enamel grows to have thickness or structure other than normal & will not whiten. In the second situation, consider the enamel sponge being as hard as a rock and stained all throughout. There is not a great way to soak, and pressure the stain out of the rock hard sponge. The diagnosis is the success and this may clarify some of the horrible stories some of you have mentioned.

Q: How to brush and what to use?

A: This is such a broad post, but I will try to filter it through what has been discussed before on the post of thinning enamel. The enamel layer may get thinner if there are chemicals involved (erosion), if there are mechanical teeth on teeth contact (attrition) or mechanical “bending of enamel” if there is mechanical rubbing of the surface (abrasion) resulting in cracks (abfraction). It is always found that all 3 are present in most patients with a thin enamel layer. Loweres Ph, in another hand, an acidic environment contributes to the quick decalcification of the enamel surface. As enamel becomes decalcified, abrasive forces become too destructive and result in thinning and the loss of the outer layer of teeth. It is a myth that the hard and medium toothbrushes will cause abrasion of enamel. In the mid-2000’s, in the study by Dzakovich, it was discovered that it is not the brush but the tooth paste that is an abrasive tool. Tooth paste contains sand, silica. If you want to prevent enamel abrasion, use a very tiny amount of toothpaste, resort to some old fashion techniques such as soap or use tooth pastes with very fine particles of silica. After all, this is how our ancestors kept their teeth shiny and clean. 

Q: Are Veneers worth it? Or should you just go with Dental Implants?

A: Veneers can be used in some situation when the patient is aesthetic worries about the appearance but has, otherwise, healthy teeth in general. Veneers are not indicated for teeth with a history of large fillings, root canal treatment, or underdeveloped enamel, of teeth with damaged. Veneers are very thin layers made of plastic or ceramic, that are glued onto the surface of a prepared tooth. In many cases, teeth need to be prepared by minimizing the front surface to let for an improved replacement of the enamel layer. In a perfect situation, though quite rare, teeth are tiny to start with and all that needs to be done is to roughen the teeth surface, make enamel replacements, and then bond the veneers in place.
How well veneers stay on the teeth without popping off relies on the bonding of the ceramic veneer to the teeth. Successful bonding relies on the strength of the glue, the type of ceramic, but most importantly, the quality and the amount of enamel left on the tooth. The two main indications of weak veneer performance occur if the enamel is damaged or thin. When this is the case, bonding power may be compromised and then I’d recommend crowns to restore function and form.

I’ll say it again and again, veneers can be a good choice for patients who have aesthetic worries for their generally healthy teeth. Although some persons may consider this a cosmetic remedy, that assumption is not correct. While “cosmetic” indicates to something that may be easy or not important, that is not the case of veneers. Veneers are an aesthetic procedure that requires a technical, scientific approach, and precise in order to be successful. If you are considering veneers, it is strongly recommend that you looking for an experienced prosthodontist that can carefully evaluate whether your teeth are appropriate for veneers. A prosthodontist specializes in implant dentistry, the replacement of teeth, and the aesthetic reconstruction of teeth. Prosthodontists are the only specialists trained in placing on veneers. They are the best bet to feel confident that your beautiful smile was designed with quality and longevity and to obtain the most out of your investment.

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Why Are My Teeth So Yellow? Top 3 Reasons

Why Are My Teeth So Yellow? 

While models and celebrities may sport pearly white teeth, the smiles of most persons are a tad duller. But this shouldn’t be very surprising. A number of various things can turn them that dreaded yellow hue and affect the color of your teeth.
Most causes of teeth discoloration fall into two board categories: intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Yellowing can be caused also by a wide array of health factors.

Yellow Teeth

#1 Extrinsic stains

You will find extrinsic teeth stains on the surface of the enamel, the hard, outer layer of your yellow teeth, while bone is weaker than enamel, according to Mayo Clinic, it can still be easily discolored.

The number one cause of teeth yellowing is the lifestyle, “Chewing tobacco, Drinking coffees and teas, and smoking are the worst.”

Also, other dark-colored beverages and foods, including colas, red wine, dark sauces and various fruits, such as blueberries, pomegranates, and grapes, also have a potential to stain teeth. These items are very high in chromogen, pigment-producing substances with a tendency for sticking to tooth enamel.

Beverages and Acidic foods can worsen matters by eroding the enamel and make it easy for chromogens to latch onto the teeth. Tannin, a bitter compound found in tea and wine, also helps chromogens attach to the enamel.

#2 Intrinsic stains

Intrinsic teeth stains occur with the tooth when different factors alter the light-transmitting properties of tooth enamel and the underlying dentin.

A lot of medications can cause intrinsic teeth stains. If children take the doxycycline and tetracycline while their teeth are still growing (before the age of eight), their teeth may turn into brownish-yellow. Chlorhexidine, a disinfectant used in prescription-strength mouth rinse to treat gingivitis, can cause stains during adulthood. Likewise, a derivative of tetracycline, the acne-fighting drug minocycline, stains teeth Chemotherapy directed at the neck and head and chemotherapy drugs can also result in intrinsic teeth stains. Even relatively common drugs, such as Albuterol, blood pressure medications, and antihistamines, can occasionally yellow teeth.

Excessive fluoride isn’t great for your teeth, either. Fluorosis, the discoloring of teeth from excessive fluoride, is a problem especially in regions where the water contains large quantities of natural occurring fluoride, such as regions where persons get their water from wells, according to Philipp.

#3 Additional causes

Other than genetics, health, stains and age can be other causes of yellow teeth.

“There are numerous reasons why some guys have yellow teeth, “said Doctor Edita Outericka, the manager at Dynamic Dental. “ The number one reason is genetics. Amelogenesis Imperfecta and the Dentinogenesis Imperfecta are two genetic faults that cause the teeth to grow improperly and could lead to yellow teeth. Simply put some persons are more likely to have yellow coloring to their teeth.”

Similar to the color of your eyes or your complexion, you may be born with teeth that appear more white (or more yellow) that other person’s teeth, according to Outericka. Part of this has to do with the thickness of the enamel, which is semi-transparent. That is, if your enamel is thin, the right color of your naturally yellowish dentin will light through.

Similarly, the enamel thins with time, making your teeth appear yellow. This can cause problems in teeth. The best protection against thinning enamel is fluoride and proper saliva production, according to the Mayo Clinic. Drink water treated with fluoride, brush two times a day with a fluoridated toothpaste and if you are experiencing dry mouth, see a doctor, to help prevent thinning.

Poor health may play a big factor in teeth color. Yellowing may occur after suffering a very high fever at a young age. Severe neonatal jaundice is another reason for teeth discoloring, according to Outericka. Stickle Cell Disease may cause abnormalities in teeth and make yellow teeth, as well.

Prevention & treatment

The best protection for yellow teeth is controlling what you eat. You must also practice perfect dental hygiene and visit a dental prof. often. Poor oral hygiene is the most easily repaired cause of yellowing teeth. Tarter and plaque buildup appear so yellow. Removing that buildup before decay sets in is serious to healthy teeth and a white smile, according to Outericka.

“It is great to have your yellow teeth cleaned regularly by a prof,” said Outericka. “This will remove staining. Also, drinking beverages through a straw will reduce the time the fluids stay on the teeth. Should you not be glad about the color of your teeth, consult a good dentist. There are a lot of yellow teeth treatments that can be performed which could lead to a bright smile!”

Now you should not as this question "Why are my teeth so yellow !"

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth? Best 3 Solutions

How to get rid of yellow teeth?

Are you sick? Are you tired of having to hide your smile in public? Chances are you either give 1 of your fake smiles or pretend to not found the joke funny …. Isn’t that so sad! Well, ok so somebody a while back – a mirror may be or a good friend – took you aside and told you your teeth have gone far so yellow for you to grin without calling out to the yellow monster of embarrassment!
Well, the great news is that your time of feeling embarrassed (or avoiding to smile) are finally over! Yes, we’re about to providing you the secret weapon – very easy to answer how to get rid of yellow teeth!

Yellow Teeth

We’ve divided this into 3 parts for convenience’s sake:

•    Home Remedies
•    Professional Help
•    After care

#1 Home Remedies

Ok, so a few of these solutions may seem a little bit strange – but trust us – they work very well!

A - Floss and Brush regularly
It removes the yellowish and stains with time.

B- Munch on Tart Apples and Crunchy!
The crunchy apple removes stains and cleans your teeth. The tartness helps further.

C- Munching on Pears or Celery could also help
Partially, it’s the same effect as apple – but these helps also to increase saliva production that helps to remove stains.

D- Drink Much Water
Water helps to wash away debris – preventing more staining. Water also helps to lighten teeth stains.

E- Chewing sugar-less gum can also help
This naturally contains tiny amounts of components that help to remove or lighten the stain. Works very well.

Now, let’s take a look at part 2…

#2 Professional help or care

Again, we have grouped a few not so professional ones – just because all of these solutions involve chemicals that you’ll need to be careful with.

A- Peroxide rinse can bleach your yellow teeth
Mix some of the hydrogen peroxides and add it to a cup of water. Use this mix to rinse out your yellow teeth. However, this is just a very quick fix – use it only when there’s an emergency! And never SWALLOW the mix!

B- Teeth whitening products
There are a small number of teeth whitening products available on the markets. The best of these products can work wonder – and without harming your health or teeth.

C- Visit a professional dentist for a teeth whitening session

Dentists have different treatments and techniques by which they can:

•    Remove yellowing and stains
•    Make covering that is a replacement for lost enamel.

And finally part 3:

#3 After Care

Whitening your teeth once only and continuing the way you were won’t help – because your teeth will just go yellow and stained and ugly again! Tooth care and proper dental hygiene are essential. Also, you’d do great to find out the causes of yellow teeth and try to avoid these causes as much as possible

And definitely, the natural remedies we mentioned above you can practice at any time – they do boost your health as well as keep your teeth pearly and healthy!

How to get rid of yellow teeth?” – You aren’t still going around wondering that, are you? Well you know the secrets now – so stop! And start using these remedies and have friends guessing at the secrets behind your shiny white teeth!