Find Out What Causes Yellow Teeth

Why are my teeth yellow? Can yellow teeth really become white? These are certainly some of the burning questions that those with yellow teeth constantly ask themselves. Of course, their worries are valid. Having stained teeth not only limits one’s freedom to express themselves, but you also risk being an object of ridicule or a victim of endless yellow teeth jokes, which may leave you with low self-esteem.

Yellow Teeth


Yellow teeth stains manifest themselves as yellow spots or as a uniform yellow substance that appears throughout the teeth. The stains (either dark yellow or light yellow) may affect either one, a few or all teeth, depending on causes, one’s habits, or the period of infection. Teeth stains are, therefore, best treated, removed, and most importantly avoided when we know what makes them turn yellow in the first place.

What Causes Yellow Teeth

There are various reasons why teeth turn yellow. The key causes include:

· Tobacco- Both chewing and smoking tobacco are common causes of yellow teeth. Yellow stains are caused by nicotine (a substance found in tobacco). And whereas nicotine is basically colorless, when combined with oxygen, it results in yellowing of teeth.

· Foods and beverages- Some beverages and foods, especially those with intense colors such as red wine, cola, tea, coffee, cherries, and berries are known to cause teeth stains. Dentists agree that substances that stain white materials can similarly stain teeth in the same manner. Some surprising foods that are also responsible for stained teeth include apples and potatoes- the stain causing residue from these foods infiltrate or stick to the surface of enamel thereby forming stains.

· Certain medications- The use of antibiotics such as doxycycline or tetracycline are common causes of discolored teeth in children, especially as their permanent teeth develop. Staining substances from these medicines become incorporated within the enamel structure as it develops, creating a yellowish enamel. Occasionally, some treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy involving the neck and head areas for cancers can turn the glossy color of teeth to a yellow tint.

· Trauma- If your teeth get physically injured, they may not only develop cracks but also break. As a result, the damaged areas may easily get infiltrated by staining substances within the mouth which are responsible for yellow stains. In addition, tissues within the tooth may get injured and even bleed internally, with dead tissues and blood within the tooth infiltrating the dentin and eventually ending up on the inner side of the enamel. The end result is yellow teeth stains or some other form of teeth discoloration.

· Fluoride- Excessive fluoride intake causes yellowing of teeth. When water with high levels of fluoride, or fluoride supplements is/are consumed regularly, it finds its way onto teeth where it leaves yellow stains. Fluoride may also be ingested by children who use excessive fluoride toothpaste. Perhaps you may have noticed that most or all people who live in a certain region have stained teeth. It is very likely that water sources in that particular locality have high fluoride levels such that even those who migrate there and stay for a while are eventually affected in the same way.

How to whiten yellow teeth

In order to determine how to get rid of stained teeth, you must first establish the actual cause of the stains. Besides, you need to figure out whether the teeth stains are the intrinsic or extrinsic type. Extrinsic yellow stains are easier to remove since the stains are just on the surface of the teeth while intrinsic stains are more difficult to remove as they are beneath or within the enamel. Some of the teeth treatment techniques to get teeth white include:

· Using whitening strips or gels- These are highly effective for teeth whitening but are not recommended for people with gum disease and other dental problems. While using these strips, ensure that they do not contain chlorine dioxide which is the same chemical that is used to clean swimming pools.

· ADA-approved whitening toothpaste- Toothpaste approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) uses particles to polish the teeth in addition to chemicals that bind to stains- eventually removing them.

· Covarine blue treatment- Using the toothpaste containing covarine blue creates an illusion of teeth appearing less yellow than they actually as it binds itself to the teeth. Moreover, it does not do any damage to the enamel compared to other products that are available on the market.

· Dental floss- Use dental floss after meals in order to clean your teeth (including the spaces between adjacent teeth) and any stains that may be left thereon to prevent accumulation.

Home or natural remedies to treat yellow teeth

While visiting a dentist every day may not be possible, here are some remedies that you can try within the confines of your home to keep your teeth glowing until your next dentist appointment:

· Orange peel- Rubbing the outer peel of an orange to your teeth every day is greatly beneficial if you wish to avoid having stained teeth. The peel does not contain vitamin C, but it will also help fight bacteria in your teeth.

· Baking soda- This is, undoubtedly, one of the best ingredients to use in getting rid of discolored teeth. It also helps in the removal of plaque.

· Lemon- The bleaching property of lemons can be extremely useful in getting rid of yellow discoloration.

· Activated charcoal- Activated charcoal is a home remedy used to whiten teeth as charcoal is a porous substance which can absorb toxins. It may either reduce teeth stains by absorbing them or acting as a magnet to attract unwanted pigments.

· Salt- This is one of the oldest cleansing agents that has also been employed to clean stained teeth. It not only enhances lost mineral content in teeth but also helps to revive their white color.

· Holy basil- Holy basil is believed to have anti-bacterial properties and can also double up as a whitening agent for cleansing teeth.

· Stick or margosa oil- Besides eliminating yellow discoloration, this plant also has numerous medical benefits and should prevent bad breath and dental cavities.

With this remedies, you can get rid of your yellow teeth in short time.

Best 12 Ways on How to Whiten Yellow Teeth

Have you ever imagined that you have white teeth? Do you want people to see your charming white teeth when you smile? Do you want to get rid of yellow teeth?
OK! You come to the right place, I will show you Top 12 effective Tips on how to whiten your yellow teeth and how to avoid teeth stains at present and later.
Discoloring can occur to your teeth as you grow older, there are many causes such as certain foods, drinks "tobacco is the reason why are my teeth yellow before I whiten them" and other factors that I will mention below in details.
Note: “I applied some of these TIPS on my teeth and I am surprised by the result, OMG! Really very effective ways, my teeth have become white in short time”

#1 Teeth-Whitening Kits

In recent years, the teeth whitening trend has increased by 400% becoming up billion dollar a year industry. Teeth whitening is no longer only for smokers or people who drink lots of coffee and red wine. Study have shown that natural aging can also discolor teeth, with using teeth whitening kits that contain “carbamide peroxide gel” you can whiten your yellow teeth in the comfort of your own home, take a look at just how easy to whitening your smile. "In my opinion this is best yellow teeth treatment at home"
Choose your preferred product and follow:


  • Insert the tray while holding the tap one at a time into water that has recently boiled
  • Remove it after 3 to 5 seconds "Be careful not to put the tray in the water for too long"
  • Put the tray in your mouth " Don't worry it will not burn
  • Suck the air inside your mouth so the soft rubber on the tray is forced closer to your teeth
  • Use your hand to push gently on the tray while inside your mouth
  • Leave the tray inside your mouth for about 10 seconds
  • When you take it out, you will see an impression of your teeth structure
  • In the front part of the rubber tray using small scissors trimmed the tray around the gum line and cut off the tap “Repeat this step for the other tray”
  • Now you are ready to start lightening your yellow teeth
  • Start by taking the syringe of whitening gel and add a thin layer of gel to tray "make sure that gel will touch your teeth only"
  • Place both trays in your mouth for 15 to 30 minutes
  • Repeat this process for 5 to 14 days

Yellow Teeth

#2 Teeth-Whitening Strips

Whitening strips contain peroxide, it’s made from thin healthy plastic “elastic”, it can help to remove stains from your teeth and get rid of yellow teeth. This method is good and very easy to use but less effective than whitening Kit.
Choose your favorite product then:

  • Apply whitening strips on your teeth In order to reach your enamel layer and follow directions according to the package instructions.
  • Peroxide will remove the discoloration from your yellow teeth
  • Some strips must be removed at given time and some others don’t.

Yellow Teeth

#3 Saliva
Your mouth saliva helps wash your teeth and gets out food crumbs from your teeth, there’s some foods that triggers your saliva such as:
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Carrots
  • Chewing sugar-free gum helps clean your teeth and Increase the liquidity of saliva

#4 Bleach Your Yellow Teeth with Dentist

You can go to a dentist and bleach your yellow teeth gently but be careful your white teeth will look bad if you have a lot of fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges and bonding.


Treat your teeth first from fillings and so on then bleach your teeth
After bleaching your yellow teeth, you should know what types of foods and drinks that cause yellowing and discoloring.

#5 Bleaching Your Teeth by Laser (Most expensive and the quickest)
Laser bleaching is the latest technology in the recent days, if you want to use this method your dentist will make the following:
  • Puts gel “contains peroxide” on your teeth
  • Sheds laser light on your teeth to activate gel crystals and sneaking to the enamel layer
  • Now see your white teeth! SMILE

Yellow Teeth

#6 Baking Soda with Lemon
This recipe used a long time ago by our grandparents, it’s a traditional and known method. Baking soda or “Sodium bicarbonate” used for remove a light layer of stains and discoloring from your teeth.


  • A small toothbrush
  • 1 Tablespoon of Lemon or water
  • 2 Teaspoons of baking soda
  • Paper Towel
  • Mix lemon or water with baking soda to make your new paste
  • Wipe gently your teeth from saliva by using paper towel
  • Put some of the paste onto your brush
  • Apply on your teeth smoothly
  • Leave it on your teeth for 2 minutes
  • Now rinse your teeth with mouthwash or water
Note: If your teeth are sensitive, I recommend you using water instead of lemon to minimize the effect of the acid on the enamel.

Yellow Teeth

#7 Salt, Strawberries and Baking Soda

Salt like an abrasive material, it helps remove stain-causing gunk. Strawberry contain a high proportion of vitamin C, so it can eliminate the plaque that causes tooth discoloration. It also contain malic acid "enzyme" which can remove stains from your teeth, and baking soda (optional) which help to make a perfect paste.


  • 1 teaspoon of sea salt
  • 1 to 3 strawberries
  • ¼ table spoon of baking soda (extra touch)
  • Mash strawberries in a dish
  • Add salt and baking soda
  • Wipe your teeth from any extra saliva by using paper towel
  • Put a few of paste onto your brush teeth
  • Apply it to your teeth
  • Leave the mixture sit for 3 minutes
  • Rinse your mouth now with water or mouth rinse

Yellow Teeth

#8 Coconut Oil Mouth Rinse
Believe or not to believe wash your mouth with coconut oil can help you to get rid of yellow teeth and transfer it to white in short time, It will not bleach your teeth so perfect but will eliminate the bacteria that found in plaque that causes yellowing to your teeth by the time.


2 Tea spoon of coconut oil
  • Once you wake from sleep, in the morning, the first thing to do is bring dish and teaspoon 
  • Put the oil in the dish and try to make it soft "I usually do it soft"
  • Take them into your mouth, now swish, push and pull the oil well through your teeth and around it
  • Continue for 8 to 10 minutes then spit oil out
  • Finally, brush your teeth

Yellow Teeth

#9 Chewing Gum
Chewing Gum has positive effects, first helps to clean your teeth from leftovers outstanding between your teeth, and second stimulates to produce a lot of saliva.
Note: Drink water constantly also helps to produce saliva

Yellow Teeth

#10 Antibacterial Mouthwash
Washing your mouth with antibacterial rinse will help to get rid of yellow teeth and removing deep stains by the time.

Yellow Teeth

#11 Healthy food
In order to protect your teeth from deep plaque and re-mineralize your enamel, have healthy food that contains vitamin D and rich calcium, for example. Dairy products “cheese, yogurt and milk”
Note: Whenever rid of plaque, whenever getting your teeth whiteness

Yellow Teeth

#12 Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrush very perfect for cleaning your teeth and helps make your teeth whiter by the time, with an electric brush you won't go to a dentist.
You can know the reasons From

Yellow Teeth

Keep your teeth maintenance
Once you found method on how to whiten your yellow teeth. Brush your teeth daily twice a day, Brushing keeps your teeth white and prevents yellow teeth in the future “I recommend to use Electric tooth brush.”

Smile Now!